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Hayagriva Jayanti हयग्रीव, hayagrīva Hayagrīva Mahatmyam

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ज्ञानानन्द मयं देवं निर्मल स्फटिकाकृतिं
आधारं सर्वविद्यानं हयग्रीवं उपास्महे
Hayagriva Jayanti is believed to be the day when Haygriva incarnation of Lord Vishnu appeared on earth. Hayagriva Jayanti 2016 date is August 18. Hayagriva is a unique incarnation of Lord Vishnu with the head of a horse and the body of a human being. The purpose of this Avatar was to retrieve the stolen Vedas from the demons. The day is observed as Upakarma day and Avani Avittam day by the Brahmin community.

Hayagriva Avatar is mainly mentioned in the Shanti Parva of Mahabharata and the Puranas. It is one of the lesser-known incarnations of Lord Vishnu. In some regions, Hayagriva is the guardian deity of the Vedas.

There are several legends associated with how Lord Vishnu got the horse-head in Hayagriva incarnation. In some legends, it is said that a jealous Indra, the king of demi-gods, purposefully snapped the string of a bow on which Lord Vishnu was resting his head. When the string snapped the head of Lord Vishnu got cut. It was replaced with the head of a horse.

Another legend suggests that the above said incident was a divine play to annihilate a demon named Hayagriva, who had got the boon that he will only be killed by another Hayagriva – a person with a horsehead.

An important temple dedicated to Lord Hayagriva is the Hayagriva Madhava Temple at Hajo in Assam.

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