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Significance of Chandra Darshan

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Significance of Chandra Darshan:

In Hindu mythology, Chandra Dev or the Hindu Lord of Moon is considered to be one of the most revered deities. He is also a significant ‘graha’ or planet of the ‘Navgraha’, which influences life on Earth. Moon is known to be a favourable planet and is associated with wisdom, purity and good intentions. It is believed that an individual with favourably placed Moon in his/her planet will live a more successful and prosperous life. Furthermore Moon is even more influential in Hinduism as it follows the lunar calendar. In Hindu mythology, Chandra Dev or the Moon God is also known to be the nurturer of animal and plant life. He is married to the 27 Nakshatras, who are the daughters of King Prajapati Daksha and is also the father of Budha or Planet Mercury. Hindu devotees therefore worship Moon God on the day of Chandra Darshan to seek His blessings for success and good fortune.
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